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    Facilities is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week supporting the University.
    Whether we're planning a campus renovation, breaking ground on a new building, maintaining our award-winning buildings and grounds or keeping our campus safe, our staff help keep the University moving forward. Click on our pages to learn more about who we are and how we can help you. 坚果nuts加速器官网 - 好看123:2021-6-14 · 9.坚果加速器破解版nuts坚果加速器破解版永久免费app下载v501 点击前往 网站介绍:2021年11月21日 - 坚果加速器破解版app是一款已经破解了的加速器软件,所有资源都是免费为大家提供的。

    ssr 网址


    Request A Service
    Call (212) 854-2222 or 
    request online (UNI required).

    Disability Access and Service Alerts

    Initiate a New Construction or Renovation Project

    Contact Your Building Representative

    Report a Public Safety Emergency:
    Call (212) 854-5555 

    ssr 网址


    ssr 网址

    South Field West: Closed 


    South Field East: Closed 


     Hamilton Lawn: Closed 


    Furnald Lawn: Closed 

    During early fall and late spring, the goal in lower campus is to have at least one of the large South Field lawns and one of the smaller lawns accessible every day, condition dependent.   

     Last updated: 12/17/18  @ 11:40am

    *This information may change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances 

    ssr 网址

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    • Historic Renovation of St. Paul’s Chapel Garners Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award
    • Columbia University Facilities and Operations FY 2024 Annual Report

    Did You Know?


    Richard Bussert, Facilities Director of Landscaping and Grounds knows his way around campus.  Every morning, Richard tours our award-winning campus by foot, checking the condition of the campus grounds to make sure it's clean and attractive for the University community.  "I often reflect on the beauty of the architecture and landscape, and amidst the activity of the lawns and plazas come to recognize a sense of pride in what I do and where I work."

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